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Julie I. Vaiman, Esq., CPA

Julie Vaiman is an attorney and a Certified Public Accountant.[1] Ms. Vaiman obtained Juris Doctorate degree from Pace University School of Law. After passing both, New York and New Jersey State Bar Exams, Ms. Vaiman’s passion for tax law compelled her to join an accounting firm in order to further her knowledge of tax procedures and accounting methodologies.

The State of New York licensed Ms. Vaiman as a Certified Public Accountant while Ms. Vaiman was employed at Weiser, LLP, an accounting firm, where she was involved in audits, including audits of pension plans, tax research for high net worth individuals and corporations, tax return preparation services, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit defense.

Prior to founding Julie I. Vaiman, Esq., CPA, a boutique tax law firm, Julie Vaiman was a tax attorney with Deloitte Tax, LLP, where Ms. Vaiman focused on exploring the US tax code and state tax codes to enable fortune 500 companies to substantiate particular tax deductions and positions, resulting in significant tax savings.

As a tax attorney, Ms. Vaiman also participated in numerous tax audits, providing legal justification and defense for fortune 500 companies.

In 2010, Julie Vaiman founded Julie Vaiman, Esq., CPA, a boutique tax law firm. Primary focus of the firm is tax audit defense and resolution of tax problems for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and all other types of entities. The firm provides representation in tax court proceedings, tax appeals, and negotiations with IRS and state taxing authorities. The firm offers tax planning and tax preparation services for high net worth individuals and businesses. The firm also specializes in drafting contracts, such as partnership agreements, operating agreements, and buy-sell agreements.

Julie I. Vaiman, Esq., CPA is a former accounting professor at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

[1] Attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey; Certified Public Accountant licensed in New York